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We have a 30 day return policy* on non-custom hardware that is returned in new condition. If you have ordered the wrong part or have a problem with any of our products, we do ask that you contact us for technical support to allow us the opportunity to provide the correct item or to resolve any problem. Please contact us at (937) 349-6000 for a return authorization. Products should be returned to the following address:

Electronic Energy Control, Inc.
14960 Maple Ridge Rd
Milford Center OH 43045-9016

*does not include large quantity special builds


We do not share your information with any outside parties other than to our bank for the purpose of processing your credit card payment and to our shipping partners such as UPS, Federal Express and the United States Postal Service for the sole purpose of shipping your order.

Your email address is never released to any outside party except for shipment tracking updates from UPS, Federal Express or the United States Postal Service if you so request. Your email address will be removed from our database at any time upon your request.


Electronic Energy Control, Inc.. has a strict "no-spam" policy and does not send or allow the transmission of spam in any form.

If you receive spam alleging to be from us, please note that these are forged emails. EECI has had a web presence since 1992 and as a result, many spammers (numbering in the thousands) use our name and good reputation to by-pass spam filters without our consent.


Website cookies are used for the sole purpose of temporary storage of your name, address, phone, email and items in your cart and such data storage is located on the computer that you are currently using to browse our site. You may delete all cookies from your order form or shopping cart by clicking the remove button and/or un-checking the save button (on address collection page) and clicking clear.

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