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WiFi Analog to Digital (4 and 8 channel)
ADC4-15WIFIHG High Gain Analog to Digital Converter - 15/16 bit
ADC8-15WIFIHG High Gain Analog to Digital Converter - 15/16 bit

11, 12, 15 and 16 bit Analog to Digital for connection to WiFi

USB WiFi Ethernet RS-232 RS-485

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ADC4-15WIFIHG A to D (15/16 Bit)....$ 99.95 Quantity    

ADC8-15WIFIHG A to D (15/16 Bit)....$ 129.95 Quantity    

/XR Ext WiFi Range with Ant....$ 14.95 Quantity    

PS-5VDC-1000 Power Adapter...$ 12.95 Quantity    

WiFi Antenna Options

EN-D Enclosure for the ADC4-15WIFI

Additional Accessories

WiFi Analog to Digital with Relay ControlWiFi Analog to Digital

ADC4-15WIFI shown with the
EX-8M and RN-8 Relay Card
ADC4-15WIFI shown inside the
EN-D Enclosure with Antenna
  • Connects directly to WiFi enabled PC, laptop or tablet (simulates WiFi hotspot) allowing direct wireless monitoring of analog inputs (or connect direct to WiFi network or Smartphone*)
  • Supports the 802.11b/g/n wireless standard with password security
  • Built-in Webpage allows easy configuration using your Web browser
  • May be configured for STA mode (station) or AP mode (access point)
  • Heartbeat signal technology provides alarm if unit is tampered with or is damaged
  • Range up to 500 feet (line of sight) with extended range antenna (up to a mile or more with the use of a directional WiFi Antenna)
  • LED link and ready indicators show WiFi connection status
  • 4 or 8 channels of 15 bit Analog to Digital (32,768 increments) for single-ended inputs
    or 2/4 channels of 16 bit differential inputs (65,536 increments)
  • Built-in Instrument Amplifier with selectable high precision reference voltage - allows for...
    Standard Mode (8 (15 bit) or 4 (16 bit) channels):  (0 to 512mv), (0 to 1.024v), (0 to 2.048v),
       (0 to 2.5v), (0 to 5v) or user supplied reference (up to 0 to 5v) single ended voltage input ranges or
       differential ranges (+/-512mv), (+/-1.024v), (+/-2.048v), (+/-5v), (+/- user supplied)
    Mixed Mode (3 or 6 channel):  2 single ended 15 bit inputs and 1 16 bit differential input per bank
    High Gain (4 channel) Mode:  (0 to 256mv), (0 to 128mv), (0 to 64mv), (0 to 32mv) or (0 to 16mv)
       in (15 bit) single ended or
       (+/-256mv), (+/-128mv), (+/-64mv), (+/-32mv) or (+/-16mv) in (16 bit) differential
  • High Precision Programmable Instrument Amp modes are scaled to provide a precise and uniform measured voltage per increment
  • May be special ordered in 12 or 16 channel converters - contact EECI support for more info
  • Full technical support provided by on staff advisors
  • Commercial Grade reliability - engineered for continuous 24 hour industrial operation utilizing Texas Instrument's world renown advanced analog technology
  • Expandable to monitor up to 8 digital inputs or control up to 8 relays using the EX-8M expansion card or...
  • Expandable to control up to 136 relays, monitor 136 inputs (or combinations of relays and inputs) using EXM-16 or EXM-32 Relay I/O Expansion Modules
  • Expandable to also control Digital to Analog levels or monitor additional Analog to Digital channels - contact EECI support for more info
  • Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
  • May be powered with wall adapter or from any Lithium Ion Battery Pack which has a USB power port using the CC-USBP3 USB Power Cable
  • No complicated communication protocol - just one line of code is required to read all inputs (or control all relays) to greatly simplify software development. The WiFi connection and all initialization is completely automated.
  • Use your own program to read, display and process the 4 analog inputs for any app or use included software
  • Source code examples included on CD in Microsoft Visual Basic.Net, Visual C#, C++, Python, Microsoft ASP.Net and others
  • LabVIEW compatible, includes LabVIEW VI, graphic software example and DLL library
  • Includes CD (or optional USB Flash Drive) with Data Logging Software, driver and user interface. Requires PS-5VDC-1000 power adapter
    *Smartphone applications can vary, please contact EECI support to check compatibility for your device
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