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Windows Test Programs for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10
(using the Microsoft .Net Framework)*

Download Data Acquisition Program for the ADC-4 and ADC-16 (up to 48 channel analog)
Download Program for the AR-8 and AR-16 with EX-16 and/or EX-32 (up to 128 relays)
Download Program for the AR-2, AR-2S and AR-2MF Relay Interface
Download Program for the PS-4 with the ADC-16
Download Program for the PS-4 with the AR-16
Download Program for the STA-16 and ST-32 (up to 144 channels digital)
Download readme.txt.....Download and Installation Information for the above
* the above programs are for up to date computers with the Microsoft .Net Framework installed. If your
system does not have .Net installed, the setup software for the above programs will attempt to install
the .Net Framework or any missing components from Microsoft Update.  This can take an additional
5 minutes or more.

Relay Control Apps for Android Tablets and Phones

Download AR2RelayControl.apk.....Relay Controller for Android Tablets and Phones, use with AR-2 AR-2MF or AR-2S (connects to Tablet or Phone USB)
Download AR8RelayControl.apk.....Relay Controller for Android Tablets and Phones, use with AR-8MF or AR-8X (connects to Tablet or Phone USB)
Download AR16RelayControl.apk.....Relay Controller for Android Tablets and Phones, use with AR-16, ADC-16, STA-16 or EX-16/32 (connects to Tablet or Phone USB)
Download ADC8AnalogDigital.apk.....Analog to Digital for Android Tablets and Phones, use with all EECI USB A to D converters (connects to Tablet or Phone USB)
Download AR16NetworkRelay.apk.....Network Relay Controller for Android Tablets and Phones, use with the AR-8X, AR-8MF, AR-12MF, AR-16, ADC-16, STA-16 or EX-16/32
Download ADC8Network.apk.....Network Analog to Digital + Relay and Setpoint Control for Android Tablets and Phones, use with all EECI's Analog to Digital products

Technical Reference Guides (pdf format)

Download adc-4tm.pdf.....ADC-4 Analog to Digital

Download adc-16tm.pdf.....ADC-16 Analog to Digital

Download adc-4utm.pdf.....ADC-4U Series Analog to Digital

Download adc-4u11tm.pdf.....ADC-4U11 Analog to Digital

Download adc-4u15tm.pdf.....ADC-4U15 Analog to Digital

Download adc-8utm.pdf.....ADC-8U Series Analog to Digital

Download adc-12utm.pdf.....ADC-12U Series Analog to Digital

Download adc-ttm.pdf.....ADC-T Series Temperature Interface

Download ar-2tm.pdf.....AR-2 Relay Interface

Download ar-2stm.pdf.....AR-2S Relay Interface

Download ar-2mftm.pdf.....AR-2MF Relay Interface

Download ar-8tm.pdf.....AR-8X Relay Interface

Download ar-8mftm.pdf.....AR-8MF Relay Interface

Download ar-8rhtm.pdf.....AR-8RH Relay Interface

Download ar-12mftm.pdf.....AR-12MF Relay Interface

Download ar-16tm.pdf.....AR-16 Relay Interface

Download baud.pdf.....Baud Rate Settings AR-8, AR-16, ADC-4, ADC-16, STA-16

Download co-485usb.pdf.....CO-485USB USB to RS-485 Converter

Download da-8u.pdf.....DAC-8U Digital to Analog Converter

Download ex-16tm.pdf.....EX-16 and EX-32 Relay Expansion Card

Download ky-12tm.pdf.....KY-12M Keypad

Download ps-4tm.pdf.....PS-4 Port Selector

Download rd-8.pdf.....RD-8 Reed Relay Card

Download rd-8m.pdf.....RD-8M Reed Relay Card

Download rd-12m.pdf.....RD-12M Reed Relay Card

Download rg-8.pdf.....RG-8 Reed Relay Card

Download rh-8.pdf.....RH-8 Relay Card

Download ri-8.pdf.....RI-8 Relay Card

Download rj-8.pdf.....RJ-8 Relay Card

Download rn-8.pdf.....RN-8 Relay Card

Download rs-485.pdf.....RS-485 Terminal Connections and Info

Download ryd-8.pdf.....RYD-8 Relay Driver Card

Download ryd-8b.pdf.....RYD-8 Reference

Download sta-16tm.pdf.....STA-16 Digital Interface

Download st-32tm.pdf.....ST-32 Digital Expansion Card

Download te-8tm.pdf.....TE-8 Temperature Interface

Download va-1tm.pdf......VA-1 and VA-2 Instrument Amplifier

Quick Start Guides (pdf format)

Download ADC16qs.pdf.....ADC-16 Quick Start

Download AR2qs.pdf.....AR-2 Quick Start

Download AR2BELLqs.pdf.....AR-2 Bell Quick Start

Download AR2MFqs.pdf.....AR-2MF Quick Start

Download AR8MFqs.pdf.....AR-8MF Quick Start

Download AR12MFqs.pdf.....AR-12MF Quick Start

Download AR16qs.pdf.....AR-16 Quick Start

Download PS4ARqs.pdf.....PS-4AR Quick Start

Download STA16qs.pdf.....STA-16 Quick Start

Download TE8qs.pdf.....TE-8 Quick Start

Download USBqs.pdf.....USB Quick Start

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